Hymns for Matthew 24

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First LineScriptureMatching Instances
Lo! he comes, with clouds descending »Matthew 24:305
We've a story to tell to the nations »Matthew 24:145
You'll hear the trumpet sound »Matthew 24:29-445
I know not why god's wondrous grace »Matthew 24:423
When Jesus comes to reward his servants »Matthew 24:422
The King shall come when morning dawns »Matthew 24:30-312
Lo! the mighty God appearing »Matthew 24:272
There is an hour when I must part »Matthew 24:442
Joy to the world, the Lord is come! »Matthew 24:141
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove »Matthew 24:121
My hope is built on nothing less »Matthew 24:30-311
Rejoice, the Lord Is King »Matthew 24:311
Art thou weary, art thou languid »Matthew 24:351
Ye servants of the Lord »Matthew 24:421
O'er the distant mountains breaking »Matthew 24:421
Songs of thankfulness and praise »Matthew 24:29-311
Jesus is coming to earth again »Matthew 24:441
It may be at morn, when the day is awaking »Matthew 24:31
In the sun, and moon, and stars »Matthew 24:291
Preapare me, gracious God »Matthew 24:441