Primitive Baptists

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Primitive Baptists, also known as Hard Shell Baptists, Anti-Mission Baptists, or Old School Baptists are conservative, Calvinist Baptists adhering to beliefs that formed out of the controversy among Baptists in the early 1800s over the appropriateness of mission boards, Bible tract societies, and temperance societies. The adjective "Primitive" in the name has the sense of "original."

Primitive Baptists Hymnals:

HymnalAsPublication Date
Old School Sonnets, or a Selection of Choice HymnsPrimitive (Old School) Baptists1836
The Primitive Hymns, Spiritual Songs and Sacred Poems Regularly Selected, Classified and Set in Order ... Stereotype ed.Primitive (Old School) Baptists1858
The Baptist Hymn Book: comprising a large and choice collection of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, adapted to the faith and order of the Old School, or Primitive Baptists (2nd stereotype Ed.)Primitive Baptists1859
The Primitive Baptist Hymnal: a choice collection of hymns and tunes of early and late compositionPrimitive Baptists1881
Hymn and Tune Book for Use in Old School or Primitive Baptist ChurchesPrimitive Baptists1886
Primitive Baptist Hymn Book for All Lovers of Sacred Song. 3rd ed.Primitive (Old School) Baptists1887
Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune bookPrimitive (Old School) Baptists1907
Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book. Rev.Primitive (Old School) Baptists1935
Our Favorite HymnalPrimitive (Old School) Baptists1938
The Old School Hymnal No. 7. Rev.Primitive (Old School) Baptists1939
Primitive Baptist HymnalPrimitive (Old School) Baptists1961
Hymns of Grace: a Choice Collection of Hymns Honoring and Promoting the Reigning Grace of GodPrimitive (Old School) Baptists1968