Jesu, tawa pano (Jesus, We Are Here)

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Further Reflections on Confessions and Statements of Faith References

God’s children are called to and gathered to give worship to all three members of the Trinity. Belgic Confession, Article 8, gives the clearest explanation of the three persons of the Trinity, including not only their identity, but also their nature and tasks: “The Father is the cause, origin, and source of all things, visible and invisible. The Son is the Word, the Wisdom, and the image of the Father. The Holy Spirit is the eternal power and might, proceeding from the Father and the Son.”

Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 8, Questions and Answers 24 and 25 does so in much briefer form. As does the Belhar Confession, Section 1: “We believe in the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who gathers, protects and cares for the church through Word and Spirit. This, God has done since the beginning of the world and will do to the end.”

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E Major


Author and Composer Information

Patrick Matsikenyiri (b. 1937) was employed at Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe, where he directed the Africa University Choir on tours of the United States of America from 1996 up to his retirement in 2002. Since his retirement, he taught in several institutions in the United States by invitation. Matsikenyiri is a member of The Ecumenical Association of Zimbabawe (EAA), Africa Association for Liturgy Music and the Arts, Pan African Music Research, Pan Africa Society of Music Educators, (PASME) Zimbabwe Association of Music Educators (ZAME), Fellow Cambridge University, Governor-Biographical Institute of the United States of America (F.A.B.I.), Honorary Life Member of the Hymn Society of North America and Canada and member of the Global Praise Working Group of the United Methodist Church, New York.
He has helped to make Africa Music become part of the repertoire used in many churches and organizations to the joy and appreciation of many. He attributes his successes to the encouragement he has received from the Administration, Faculty members and students of Africa University, the community of Zimbabwe and the world at large.
— Emily Brink
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