Song of the Prophets

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Here’s a unique song which gives us opportunity to hear the Word of God through multiple prophetic voices. Framed by stanzas 1 and 18 (summary stanzas), stanzas 2-17 summarize the teaching of the prophets. Belgic Confession, Article 3 says that all these prophetic voices, though different from one another, were speaking from God and therefore “we call such writings holy and divine Scriptures.” All of these stories are part of “God’s mighty acts in the unfolding of covenant history” (Our World Belongs to God, paragraph 33).

Tune Information

e minor or modal
Meter D

Hymn Story/Background

This unusual text was crafted by Michael Morgan on request for Lift Up Your Hearts. Near the end of the section entitled “Old Testament Life and Witness,” this text acknowledges the Old Testament biblical prophets through whom God spoke in ages past, and ends with a testimony that God still speaks through them today. Between those outer stanzas, one stanza each is devoted to proclaiming a central message of all sixteen prophets, in biblical order from Isaiah to Malachi.  
— Emily Brink

Author Information

Michael Morgan (b. 1948) is a church musician, Psalm scholar, and collector of English Bibles and Psalters from Atlanta, Georgia. After almost 40 years, he now serves as Organist Emeritus for Atlanta’s historic Central Presbyterian Church, and as Seminary Musician at Columbia Theological Seminary. He holds degrees from Florida State University and Atlanta University, and did post-graduate study with composer Richard Purvis in San Francisco. He has played recitals, worship services, and master classes across the U. S., and in England, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany. He is author of the Psalter for Christian Worship , and a regular contributor in the field of psalmody (most recently to the Reformed collections Psalms for All Seasons and Lift Up Your Hearts, and the new Presbyterian hymnal, Glory to God).
— Michael Morgan

Composer Information

Rory Cooney (b. 1952) has been the director of liturgy and music ministries at St. Anne Catholic Community in Barrington, Illinois, since 1994. His published compositions span a career of songwriting that began nearly 35 years ago, and continues to the present, as he tries to write to the needs of the church and the communities in which he serves. Early compositions were published by Composers’ Forum for Catholic Worship and Resource Publications in the 1970’s, and his works are represented in Gather and RitualSong, as well as other publications.

His recording career began in 1984, and virtually all of his recordings have been collaborations with his wife, Theresa Donohoo, and Gary Daigle. His most recent work with GIA has been the collection "Today" and Terry Donohoo’s "Family Resemblance."

Rory travels with Theresa and Gary Daigle giving concerts, days of renewal, missions, and workshops for parishes, dioceses, and organizations. 
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