Before the Throne of God Above

Scripture References

Confessions and Statements of Faith References

Further Reflections on Confessions and Statements of Faith References

The Catechism says that those who know Christ’s forgiveness are “to thank God for such deliverance” (Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 1, Question and Answer 2). As a result, “With our whole lives we may show that we are thankful to God for his benefits, so that he may be praised through us, and that we may be assured of our faith by its fruits, and so that by our godly living our neighbors may be won over to Christ” (Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 32, Question and Answer 86).

Additional Prayers

A Prayer of Thanksgiving for Union with Christ
O God, you have cinched us into union with Jesus Christ your Son. Nobody can break this bond. Nobody can pry us loose. Nothing can tear us from our Savior’s grasp. We give you thanks that our lives are hidden in Jesus Christ, your Son. Amen.
— Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.

Hymn Story/Background

Charitie Lees Smith was born in 1841 in the vicinity of Dublin, Ireland. Her father was a minister in the Church of Ireland. Not much is known about Charitie’s life, but it appears she was widowed twice. She married an Arthur Bancroft in 1869, but died under the name Charitie de Cheney in California in 1923. She published poetry in leaflet form as early as 1860, and a number of her collected works were published as Within the Veil in 1867. “Before the Throne” was written in 1863 under the title “The Advocate.”
— Laura de Jong

Composer Information

Vikki Cook is a songwriter and vocalist with Sovereign Grace Ministries. She appears on many of their albums, and has written a number of songs, including “Great Things” and “I Will Glory in My Redeemer” with her husband Steve. She leads worship at Sovereign Grace Church, directs school choirs and gives voice and piano lessons. Vikki and Steve live in Louisville, Kentucky with their two daughters.
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