Lamb of God

Scripture References

Additional Prayers

Lord Jesus, grant us your peace.
Lamb of God, grant us your peace.
Bread of life, grant us your peace.
Light of the world, grant us your peace.
Word made flesh, grant us your peace.
Wisdom of God, grant us your peace.
Great shepherd of the sheep, grant us your peace.
Living water, grant us your peace.
Bright and morning star, grant us your peace.
[Add other names for Jesus as appropriate]

Tune Information

c minor or modal


Hymn Story/Background

This ancient liturgical text, known in Latin as the Agnus Dei, is a prayer for mercy and peace based on John 1:29. This text has been a regular part of the liturgy of the Lord’s Supper in many churches for more than a thousand years.

Author and Composer Information

The Iona Community is an ecumenical Christian group of men and women based on the small island of Iona off the coast of Scotland. The community began in 1938 when he Rev. George MacLeod of the Church of Scotland began a ministry among the unemployed poor who had been neglected by the church. He took a handful of men to the island to rebuild the ruins of a thousand-year-old abbey church. That rebuilding became a metaphor for the rebuilding of the common life, a return to the belief that daily activity is the stuff of godly service—work, and worship.  The Community has since grown to include a group of members, associates, and friends all over the United Kingdom and many other contries. In addition to many conferences that attract people to Iona from around the world, the Community is known for its publishing of new songs and prayers for worship, both developed in community and gathered from around the world. For more information on the Iona Community, check their website: www.iona.org.uk. John Bell is probably the community’s most well-known member, having composed and arranged much of the community’s music.