Ex.XV. The Song of Moses

1. I'll sing the Triumphs of the Lord,
Who's glorious in Renown;
The Horse, and him that rode thereon,
He in the Sea hath thrown.
2. The Lord's my Strength, my Song, Defence,
My God; for him I'll raise
A Mansion; he my Father's God,
I'll celebrate his Praise.

3. The Lord is the great God of War;
Jehovah is his Name.
4. Proud Pharoah's glit'ring Cars, and Host,
That to the Ravage came,
In the Red Sea he cast; there were
His chosen Captains drown'd.
5. The Depths o'er whelm'd them; like a Stone,
They sank in the Profound.

6. The mighty Pow'r of thy Right-hand,
O Lord, most glorious shows;
Thy Right-hand, Lord, in Pieces dash'd
The proud insulting Foes.
7. Excelling Greatness those o'er throw
Against Thee who presum'd;
Thou sendest forth thy flaming Wrath,
Which them, as Chaff, consum'd.

8. Thy Nostril's Blast the Waters drove
Together in an Heap;
They stood upright, in the Mid-sea
Congealed was the Deep.
9. The En'my cry'd, Pursue, o'ertake,
I will the Spoil divide;
I'll draw my Sword, and them destroy.
Till Lust is satisfy'd.

10. But thou, with thy strong Wind, didst blow,
The deep Sea o'er them spread;
In mighty Waters down they sank,
As if they had been Lead.
11. Who, Lord, 's like Thee, among the Gods?
Thy Holiness exceeds
In Glory; fearful is thy Praise,
And wonderful thy Deeds.

12. Thou stretched'st out thy strong Right-hand,
The Earth them swallow'd quite.
13. In Mercy thou led'st forth thy Flock,
Which thou redeem'dst with Might:
And thou did'st guide them, in thy Strength,
Unto thine holy Hill.
14. Nations shall hear, and fear, and Dread
Seize Palestina will.

15. Then Edom's Dukes shall be amaz'd,
Moab's mighty Men be struck
With Terror: Canaan's Hearts shall melt,
As the dissolved Brook.
16. Thro' Fear, and Dread, of thy great Pow'r,
Still, as a Stone, they'll ly:
Until thy People, Lord, which thou
Hast purchas'd, shall pass by.

17. Thou shalt conduct, and plant them, where
Thy Mountain rears it's Head;
The Place, for thy fix'd Residence,
Which thou, O Lord, hast made:
The chosen holy Place thine Hand,
O Lord, hath settled fast.
18. Thy Reign, O thou eternal King!
Forevermore shall last.

19. For Pharaoh's Chariots, Horse, and Men,
Thro' Seas audacious went;
And the returning Waves in Rage,
The Lord upon them sent:
But Isr'el's Race, a num'rous Host,
Under divine Command,
Walk'd thro' the Midst of dang'rous Seas,
Securely on dry Land.

Miriams Answer

21. Sing ye the Triumphs of the Lord,
Who's glorious in Renown;
The Horse, and him that rode thereon,
He in the Sea hath thrown.

Text Information
First Line: I'll sing the Triumphs of the Lord
Title: The Song of Moses
Publication Date: 1752
Scripture: Exodus 15
Language: English
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