Is.LIII. Lord, who hath our Report believ'd?

1. Lord, who hath our Report believ'd?
Who thy Messiah hath receiv'd?
2. Sprung, like a Shrub, from barren Ground;
In him no Form, or Beauty's found.
3. Despis'd, disown'd, to Sorrows born;
From him we turned our Face in Scorn.
4. Truly, our Pains, and Griefs, he bore;
When God, we thought, had smit him sore.

5. But for our Sins he Wounds endur'd,
Our Trespasses his Griefs procured;
His Chastisement our Peace has bought,
His grievous Stripes our Healing wrought.
6. Like Sheep, we all have gone astray,
We turn'd, each one, to his own Way;
And God, upon his guiltless Head,
Hath all our Crimes, in Mercy, laid.

Silent he bore the heavy Load,
Nor once complained of his God;
No Lamb, when to the Slaughter come,
Nor Sheep, at shearing, are so dumb.
8. Snatch'd from Distess, from Judgment freed,
Who shall declare his Rise, or Seed;
Yet was his Life cut off betimes,
He suffer'd for my People's Crimes.

9. With Sinners, to the Grave, consign'd,
And with the Rich, in Death, he's join'd;
Because no Violence he had done,
Nor in his Mouth Deceit was known.
10. Him God it pleas'd to bruise and grieve;
When's Soul a Sin-Off'ring he'll give;
He'll see his Seed, prolong his Days,
And prosper in God's Works of Grace.

11. With joyful Satisfaction, he
The Travel of his Soul shall see;
And by his Knowledge justify
Many, for whom he'll bleed, and die,
12. I'll therefore with the strong, and great,
Him high, in lasting Honour, set;
Because he shed his precious Blood,
And interceeds for Sinner's Good.

Text Information
First Line: Lord, who hath our Report believ'd?
Publication Date: 1752
Scripture: Isaiah 53
Language: English
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