Lu.I.68. Bless'd be the Lord, ev'n Isr'el's God

68. Bless'd be the Lord, ev'n Isr'el's God,
Praise be our constant Theme;
Who came to visit his poor Flock,
And them with Price redeem.
69. He our Salvation's Horn hath rais'd.
His Servant David's Heir:
70. As, by his holy Prophets Mouth,
He did from first declare.

71. That we should, from our Enemies,
Compleat Salvation gain;
And from the Hand of all us hate
Deliverance obtain.
72. The Mercy promised to perform,
And's holy Cov'nant mind;
73. The Oath, by which, Himself, he did,
To Father ABr'am, bind.

74. That us, from Foes Hands freed, he would,
Fearless, to serve him, give;
75. In Holiness, and Righteousness,
Before him, whilst we live.
76. Thou Child, the Prophet of the Lord,
Shalt go before his Face,
The Herald of the Highest styl'd,
Sent to prepare his Ways.

77. By Pardon of his People's Sins,
To make Salvation known.
78. The rising Sun, thro' boundless Grace,
From high hath on us shone:
79. T' enlighten those in Darkness sit,
And in Death's Shade abide;
The Way to Peace, and Happiness,
Our wand'ring Feet to guide.

Text Information
First Line: Bless'd be the Lord, ev'n Isr'el's God
Publication Date: 1752
Scripture: Luke 1:68-79
Language: English
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