218. Cross Over Jordan Today

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1 Dost Thy soul ransomed from Egypt,
Yet in the wilderness stay?
Canaan’s fair land is before thee,
Cross over Jordan today.

Look, oh, my brother,
Canaan, the land of the blest,
Lies now before thee;
Haste to the place of thy rest.

2 Spend not thy life thus forever
Treading the wilderness way;
Enter the fullness of favor,
Cross over Jordan today. [Refrain]

3 Life will be pleasanter, sweeter,
Stony no longer the way;
Many the foes left behind thee—
Cross over Jordan today. [Refrain]

4 Why dost thou shrink from the crossing?
Thinkest thou still of delay?
Waiting will not make thee stronger,
Cross over Jordan today. [Refrain]

5 Thou art abundantly able,
Falter not now by the way;
Grace all-abounding is waiting,
Cross over Jordan today. [Refrain]

Text Information
First Line: Dost Thy soul ransomed from Egypt
Title: Cross Over Jordan Today
Author: Charles W. Naylor (1911)
Scripture: Joshua 3
Source: The Gospel Trumpet Company, Select Hymns, 1911 (203); Faith Publishing House, Evening Light Songs, 1949, edited 1987 (293); Timeless Truths (http://library.timelesstruths.org/music/Cross_Over_Jordan_Today)
Refrain First Line: Look, oh, my brother
Tune Information
Name: [Dost Thy soul ransomed from Egypt]
Composer: Daniel O. Teasley (1911)
Key: B♭ Major
Source: Timeless Truths (http://library.timelesstruths.org/music/Cross_Over_Jordan_Today); Faith Publishing House, Evening Light Songs, 1949, edited 1987 (293); The Gospel Trumpet Company, Select Hymns, 1911 (203)

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