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Al Betleĥemo do kun ĝojo hastu nia 
ROS' Haruo
Alas! my God! my sins are great 
All burdened by sin to the Savior I came 
H. H. Ryland
All creation shows the glory of the Lord 
Ray Repp
All fulness in the Lamb we view 
James Relly
All hail, almighty, glorious sire 
All hail, sweet spring, delightful May 
J. J. Reed
All hail the power of Jesus' name 
John Rippon
All hail the power of Jesus' Name! 
Edgar C. Robinson
All hail the power of Jesus name! 
T. G. Richards
All hail, thou great First Born 
George Richards
All hail, ye merry folk today 
Honyel Gough Rosedale
All heav'n declares the glory of the risen Lord 
Tricia Richards
Noel Richards
All in line for Jesus 
Brown Rowland
All is bright, no shadows 
P. M. Russell
All is over, fought the fight 
William Sterne Raymond
All nature swell the temperance strain 
Roswell Rice
All our troubles will be o'er 
Charles S. Richardson
All over lovely is my Lord and God 
John Relly
All people that are living now 
Lura Ritchey
All poor men and humble 
Katharine Emily Roberts
All power is given unto our Lord 
Frederic W. Root
[All praise to thee, for thou, O King divine] 
Earl Rosenberg
All the blossoms gay 
V. Robertson
All the saints shall rise 
Gordon Ross
All things that are on earth shall wholly pass away 
Bernard Rascas
All who are thirsty, and all who are weak 
Glenn Robertson
All who believe and are baptized 
George A. T. Rygh, 1860-1942
All you peoples clap your hands 
H. Ricardo Ramirez
Alle Menschen muessen sterben 
Johannes Rosenmueller
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia 
James Ritchie
Almighty God, in prayer to thee 
William Roscoe
Almighty Spirit, we confess thee God 
T. C. Reade
Almighty Spirit, we thy Godhead now adore 
Thomas Rowe
Alone with none but thee, my God 
Godfrey Ridout, 1918-
Along the Christian's pathway 
B. Rowne
Älskar barnet modersfamnen 
O. Ronigk
Always I see her in a saintly guise 
J. W. Riley
Am I a soldier of the cross 
Westerly Robinson
Am I a stranger here, on earth alone 
Amazing grace! how sweet the sound 
John P. Rees
Robert Rockabrand
Amazing grace! — how sweet the sound 
Robert Ramskill, b. 1950
R. Ramsey
Amen, Amen, Amen 
McNeil Robinson II
Among the shadows, down in the valley 
Hale Reeves
An awful day draws near 
V. G. Ramsey
An diesen tut auch gelangen 
Johannes Ruecker
And all that is within me 
Gene Rice

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