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Am I a soldier of the cross 
Westerly Robinson
Am I a stranger here, on earth alone 
Amazing grace! How sweet the sound 
Jean Ritchie
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That saved 
Edward Roberts
John P. Rees
R. Ramsey
Amen, Amen, Amen 
McNeil Robinson II
Joseph Roff
An diesen tut auch gelangen 
Johannes Ruecker
And all that is within me 
Gene Rice
And now our salvation quite fully is come 
B. O. Ringo
And now the wants are told that brought 
J. Varley Roberts
Anĝelar' el regnoj gloraj 
ROS' Haruo
Angels, from the realms of glory 
G. D. R.
Angels, roll the rock away! 
C. F. Roper
Richard Redhead
Are you hungry and fainting, my brother 
Mrs. J. E. Robinson
Are you on the road to heaven 
Mrs. Mary G. Rheubottom
Are you sowing seed for Jesus 
C. Reid
Are you waiting at the pool 
E. Bert Riddles
Are you weary on the road? 
Elmer J. Rogers
Arise, shine, for thy Light is come 
Jay Robinson
Arouse, ye Christians, stand united 
Frederick L. Rowe
As comes the breath of spring 
David Lakie Ritchie
As did the Christ, we'll undertake 
Dorothy Fay Ross
As he gathered at his table 
Paul A. Richardson
As I journey on life's ocean 
Clara Raymer
As I lingered last night 
As I travel down life's pathway (Rodgers) 
Mitchell Rodgers
As Jordan rolls his wave 
George Richards
As pants the hart for cooling streams 
Reuben R. Rinder
As softly rests the nested bird 
Geraldine D. Robinson
As the happy moments fly 
Juanita Rosemon
As thirsts the hart for cooling flood 
Robert B. Robertson
As, "together with Thee" working 
C. B. Rutenber
As we journey here below, spread the gospel 
Marvin Royster
As we journey onward through this world of woe 
John W. Reynolds
As we look o'er the fields  
M. M. Rochester
As we stand in the grey of life's morning 
A. M. Richards
As we travel along down the highway of life 
Della Ricketts
As wise men brought their gifts to him 
R. I. Rex
As with gladness men of old (Con grangozo y candor) 
Evelyn Robert-Olivieri, b. 1940
As Zion's pilgrims, in accord 
Rev. W. P. Rivers
Ask--and the tender heart of God 
Mary Packard Rollins
Astre brillant qui répands sur la terre 
Helga Rusch
At midnight, when the stars were bright 
W. A. Rice
At the Lamb's high feast we sing 
J. Roscmüller
Attend, O Lord, my daily toil 
Ebersdorff Reuss
Auf, ihr Grueder, ruestet euch zum heil'gen Kampf 
Carl Roehl
Awake, my heart, rejoicing 
A. Ramsey

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