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Am I a soldier of the cross »
Westerly Robinson
Am I a stranger here, on earth alone »
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That saved »
Edward Roberts
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That saved »
John P. Rees
Amen »
R. Ramsey
Amen, Amen, Amen »
McNeil Robinson II
Amen, Amen, Amen »
Joseph Roff
An diesen tut auch gelangen »
Johannes Ruecker
And all that is within me »
Gene Rice
And now our salvation quite fully is come »
B. O. Ringo
And now the wants are told that brought »
J. Varley Roberts
Anĝelar' el regnoj gloraj »
ROS' Haruo
Angels, from the realms of glory »
G. D. R.
Angels, roll the rock away! »
C. F. Roper
Angels, roll the rock away! »
Richard Redhead
Are you hungry and fainting, my brother »
Mrs. J. E. Robinson
Are you on the road to heaven »
Mrs. Mary G. Rheubottom
Are you sowing seed for Jesus »
C. Reid
Are you waiting at the pool »
E. Bert Riddles
Are you weary on the road? »
Elmer J. Rogers
Arise, shine, for thy Light is come »
Jay Robinson
Arouse, ye Christians, stand united »
Frederick L. Rowe
As comes the breath of spring »
David Lakie Ritchie
As did the Christ, we'll undertake »
Dorothy Fay Ross
As he gathered at his table »
Paul A. Richardson
As I journey on life's ocean »
Clara Raymer
As I lingered last night »
As I travel down life's pathway (Rodgers) »
Mitchell Rodgers
As Jordan rolls his wave »
George Richards
As pants the hart for cooling streams »
Reuben R. Rinder
As softly rests the nested bird »
Geraldine D. Robinson
As the happy moments fly »
Juanita Rosemon
As thirsts the hart for cooling flood »
Robert B. Robertson
As, "together with Thee" working »
C. B. Rutenber
As we journey here below, spread the gospel »
Marvin Royster
As we journey onward through this world of woe »
John W. Reynolds
As we look o'er the fields  »
M. M. Rochester
As we stand in the grey of life's morning »
A. M. Richards
As we travel along down the highway of life »
Della Ricketts
As wise men brought their gifts to him »
R. I. Rex
As with gladness men of old (Con grangozo y candor) »
Evelyn Robert-Olivieri, b. 1940
As Zion's pilgrims, in accord »
Rev. W. P. Rivers
Ask--and the tender heart of God »
Mary Packard Rollins
Astre brillant qui répands sur la terre »
Helga Rusch
At midnight, when the stars were bright »
W. A. Rice
At the Lamb's high feast we sing »
J. Roscmüller
Attend, O Lord, my daily toil »
Ebersdorff Reuss
Auf, ihr Grueder, ruestet euch zum heil'gen Kampf »
Carl Roehl
Awake, my heart, rejoicing »
A. Ramsey
Awake, O soul, to fear »
V. R. Ray

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