John T. Benson

John T. Benson
Short Name: John T. Benson
Full Name: Benson, John T. Sr., 1861-1930
Birth Year: 1861
Death Year: 1930

Mr. John T. Benson, Sr. was born in the Edgefield community in east Nashville and was brought up in the Tulip Street Methodist Church where his father was a charter member. His wife, Eva, also was brought up in the same communities and church. Around the turn of the century they joined with J.O. McClurkan in the founding of an independent holiness church that later came into the Church of the Nazarene. As an outgrowth of their music ministry in this work, the John T. Benson Publishing Company was founded. Music and its ministries in churches, camp meetings, conventions, and Sunday Schools was the real joy of their lives. For over 25 years Mr. Benson served as minister of music, first in the mission and then in the church into which it grew. Although they did write some gospel songs, their greatest contribution was in the publishing and distribution of song books and hymnals. The company he founded still bears his name and is a growing and active part of the religion music publishing business in the United States today.

Texts by John T. Benson (18)sort iconAsInstances
Could it be so sadly trueJohn T. Benson (Author)3
Have you seen Jesus latelyJohn T. Benson (Author)5
His love so changeless, deep and strongJohn T. Benson (Author)2
I was lost in sinJohn T. Benson (Author)2
I would be thine, O Lord, and only thineJohn T. Benson (Author)3
If I could sing a thousand melodiesJohn T. Benson (Author)2
I'll take Jesus with meJohn T. Benson (Author)2
I'm a pilgrim and a stranger, wandering thro'John T. Benson (Author)5
Jesus is my Savior, I shall not be movedJohn T. Benson (Author)12
Let the joy of the Lord fall on meJohn T. Benson (Author)2
O I will hide myselfJohn T. Benson (Author)2
O I'm hungry, O so hungryJohn T. Benson (Author)2
O Lord I pray for faith that will be strongJohn T. Benson (Author)1
Once my heart was filled with sin and sadnessJohn T. Benson (Author)2
There is a cross for every one to bearJohn T. Benson (Author)1
There's a peace, a sweet peaceJohn T. Benson (Author)6
This one thing I knowJohn T. Benson (Author)2
Upon the mountain through valley deepJohn T. Benson (Author)5