Lewis Edson

Short Name: Lewis Edson
Full Name: Edson, Lewis, 1748-1820
Birth Year: 1748
Death Year: 1820

Born: January 22, 1748, Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
Died: Spring 1820, Woodstock, New York.

Edson married in 1770, and in 1776 moved to New York. After the American revolution, he taught singing in Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut. He moved to Woodstock, New York, in 1817.



Lewis Edson (22 January 1748 – 1820 in Woodstock, New York) was one of the first American composers. He began working as blacksmith, but soon after became a singing master and was a notable singer in his day. His most popular compositions were Bridgewater, Lenox and Green Field and were published in 1782 in the "Choristers Companion"


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LENOX (Edson)Lewis Edson (Composer)51
DE FLEURYLewis Edson (Composer)18