Bartholomäus Gesius

Short Name: Bartholomäus Gesius
Full Name: Gesius, Bartholomäus, 1555-1613
Birth Year: 1555
Death Year: 1613

Bartholomew Gesius (actually Göß; * 1562 in Muencheberg; † August 1613 in Frankfurt (Oder)) was a German cantor and composer.
Gesius was the son of arable citizen and alderman. He studied 1578-1585 at the Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). In 1582 he was temporarily cantor in Muencheberg and 1587 teachers and musicians on the castle Muskau in Upper Lusatia. 1588 he began his five-part chorale Passion according to John in German language. In the spring of 1593 Gesius was in Frankfurt (Oder), cantor at the St. Mary's Church and at the same time teacher at the school council, today Karl-Liebknecht-Gymnasium. In 1613 he created his six voices Latin Matthew Passion. In the same year he died of the plague.

From him the way to the Easter song of the dates Kaspar Stolzenhagen Today triumphieret Son of God (EC 109). It is found in his Spiritual German songs, 1601. In his Enchiridium from 1603 first appeared in the manner of unknown origin to the song "Praise God, our men" (Psalm 150) with the song Paul Gerhardt "Commit your ways" you have found widespread use, particularly by Georg Philipp Telemann processing 1730.

Spiritual German songs. D. Mart. Lutheran: And other pious Christians: What gantze through the year in the Christian churches sing to gebreuchlich/four and fünff voices ...* Frankfurt on the Oder: Hartman, 1601
Enchiridium of several German and Latin hymns. Frankfurt on the Oder: Hartman, 1603
Hymni Patrum Cum canticis Sacris, Latinis Et Germanicis, De Praecipuis Festis Anniversariis: Quibus additives Suntet Hymni Scholastici Ad Duodecim Modos Musicos in utroq [ue] cantu, regularization scilicet ac Transposito, singulis horis by totam septimanam decantandi, cum cantionibus Gregorianis ... Frankfurt at the Or: Hartman, 1609