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Short Name: Michael Guimont
Full Name: Guimont, Michel, 1950-
Birth Year: 1950

Michel Guimont has expanded GIA's international reputation. A composer who is native to Quebec, his music has been available to the church of the United States since 1991 when GIA published his "Glorify the Lord," a trilingual setting (French, Spanish, English) for cantor, assembly, guitar, piano, organ, and brass. From that first appearance, there are now twelve items of Monsieur Guimont in the GIA catalog. Presently he is the director of music at the Roman Catholic cathedral in Ottawa as well as a resource musician for the Roman Catholic diocese of Montreal. He holds two baccalaureate degrees: one in psychology from Concordia University and one in composition from Universite de Montreal. It was at this latter school that he received a masters of music in composition in 1987. Important national recognition was given to him in 1992 when he was the co-music editor of the Missal put out by the Conference of Canadian Catholic Bishops in Ottawa.
With such impressive credentials attached to his vita, it would be a mistake to consider him academic and standoffish. The opposite is true. He is friendly with just the right amount of charm--never overly effusive, but always engaging. His music reflects that personality.


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[A new command I give to you]Michel Guimont, b. 1950 (Composer)2
[Bless the Lord, O my soul] (Gelineau)Michel Guimont (Composer (Psalm tone))2
[Blessed be the Lord] (Krisman)Michel Guimont (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel] (Guimont and Krisman)Michel Guimont (Composer (verses))3
[Cry out with joy to the LORD, all the earth]Michel Guimont (Composer (verses))2
[El Señor es mi pastor, nada me falta] (Krisman)Michel Guimont (Composer (Psalm Tone))1
[God, let your mercy be on us]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[Happy those who consider the poor and the weak]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[Have mercy on me, O God, in your goodness]Michael Guimont (Composa (stanza))2
[Haz brillar sobre nosotros]Michel Guimont (Composer (Tone))2
[Heal me, O God, for I have sinned against you]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[I have called to you, LORD; hasten to help me!]Michel Guimont (Composer (verses))2
[I lift up my eyes to the mountains] (Guimont)Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[I lift up my eyes to the mountains]Michel Guimont (Composer (verses))2
[I love you, Lord, my strength]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[I will bless the Lord at all times] (Guimont)Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[In the morning I will sing]Michel Guimont (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[In you, my God, my body]Michel Guimont (Composer (Psalm Tone))1
[In you, O Lord, I take refuge]Michel Guimont (Composer (verses))2
[It is for you that I suffer taunts]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[It is good to give thanks to the Lord]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[Keep me safe, keep me safe, O God]Michel Guimont (Composer (Psalm Tone))2
[Lord God, heavnely king] (Guimont)Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[My part I have resolved, O Lord]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[My soul is thirsting for you]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord] (Guimont and Krisman)Michel Guimont (Composer (verses))2
[My vows will I pay before those who fear God]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[Psalm 29: The Lord Will Bless His People]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[O God, be gracious and bless us]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[O God, our God, how glorious is your name in all the earth!]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[O God, save me by your name]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[O God, you are my God] (Guimont)Michel Guimont (Composer (verses))2
[O God, you are my God; at dawn I seek you]Michel Guimont (Composer (Psalm tone))2
[O God, you are my God; at dawn I seek you]Michel Guimont (Composer (Psalm tone))2
[O Lord, you are good and forgiving]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[O sing a new song to the Lord] (Guimont and Krisman)Michel Guimont (Other...)2
[Our help is in the name of our God]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[Out of the depths] (Guimont)Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[Praise, O servants of the Lord]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[Raise a song and sound the timbrel]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[Since my mother's womb]Michael Guimont (Composer)3
[Sing with joy to God! Sing to God our help!]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[Taste and see the goodness of the Lord]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[Ten piedad de mí]Michel Guimont (Composer (Tone))1
[The Almighty has done great things for me]Michel Guimont (Composer (Psalm Tone))2
[The God of gods, the Lord]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[The heavens declare the glory of God]Michel Guimont (Composer (verses))2
[The Lord is king, let earth rejoice]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[The Lord is king, with majesty enrobed]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[The Lord is my shepherd] (Guimont and Krisman)Michel Guimont (Composer (verses))2
[The Lord's revelation to my Master]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[The things we have heard and understood]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[They are lights in the darkness for the upright]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[This is my prayer to you] (Guimont)Michael Guimont (Composer)2
[This is why I came]Michel Guimont, b. 1950 (Composer)2
[To you I have lifted up my eyes]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[To you, O God, I lift my soul] (Guimont)Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[With the Lord there is mercy]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[You are blest, Lord God of our ancestors]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[Psalm 80: The Vineyard of the Lord]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[You care for the earth, give it water]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[You turn us back into dust]Michel Guimont (Composer)2
[Your majesty is set above the heavens]Michel Guimont (Composer (verses))2