Margaret J. Harris

Short Name: Margaret J. Harris
Full Name: Harris, Margaret Jenkins, 1865-1919
Birth Year: 1865
Death Year: 1919

Born: July 31, 1865, Rushville, Illinois.
Died: January 13, 1919, Miami, Florida.

Margaret was a member of the Iowa Holiness Association. She and her husband, songwriter John Harris, were active in holiness revivals and camp meetings, and they were song evangelists at the 1901 General Holiness Convention in Chicago, Illinois. Margaret played the organ to accompany the duets she sang with her husband; the Epworth Organ and Piano Company provided an organ free of charge for their evangelistic campaigns. In addition, Margaret was known as an effective preacher with strong messages. Her works include:

Spiritual Songs, editor with her husband John & G. A. McLaughlin (Chicago, Illinois: Christian Witness Publishing Company, circa 1908)
Glorious Gospel in Song (Chicago, Illinois: Christian Witness Publishing Company, 1910) (editor)

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Come enter into Canaan landMargaret J. Harris (Author)5
Have you been rescued from sin and shameMargaret J. Harris (Author)2
Have you found this great salvationMargaret J. Harris (Author)4
He heard the blessed invitationMargaret J. Harris (Author)2
I believe in the old-time religionM. J. H. (Author)25
I came to Jesus, weary, worn, and sad.Mrs. M.J. Harris (Author)29
I heard my loving Savior sayMargaret J. Harris (Author)19
I long ago left Egypt for the promised landM. J. H. (Author)22
O hear the calls to battleMargaret J. Harris (Author)2
Singing songs of joy and peaceMargaret J. Harris (Author)2
There's a story, blessed story, that I heardMargaret J. Harris (Author)3
We may give our hands to JesusMargaret J. Harris (Author)5
When I saw the cleansing fountainMargaret J. Harris, 19th century (Author)57