Annie S. Hawks

Annie S. Hawks
Short Name: Annie S. Hawks
Full Name: Hawks, Annie Sherwood, 1835-1918
Birth Year: 1835
Death Year: 1918

Hawks, Annie Sherwood. Mrs. Hawks was born in Hoosick, N. Y., May 28, 1835, and has resided for many years at Brooklyn. Her hymns were contributed to Bright Jewels, Pure Gold, Boyal Diadem, Brightest and Best, Temple Anthems, Tidal Wave, and other popular Sunday School hymnbooks. They include "I need Thee every hour" (written April, 1872), "Thine, most gracious Lord," "Why weepest thou? Whom seekest thou?" and others of the same type.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Born: May 28, 1836, Hoosick, New York.
Died: January 3, 1918, Bennington, Vermont.
Buried: Hoosick Rural Cemetery, Hoosick, New York.

Hawks’ poems first began appearing in newspapers when she was 14 years old. She married Charles H. Hawks in 1857. They lived in Brooklyn, New York, and attended the Hanson Place Baptist Church, where Robert Lowry was pastor. When her husband died in 1888, she moved to Bennington, Vermont, to live with her daughter and son-in-law (W. E. Putnam). She wrote 400 hymns in her life, mostly for use in Sunday schools.

Texts by Annie S. Hawks (62)sort iconAsInstances
A few more prayers, a few more tearsAnnie S. Hawks (Author)13
Art thou one of Christ'sAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Be still, my doubting soulAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Bear the cross for Jesus, bear it every dayMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)13
Beloved of the LordAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Come happy New YearAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Courage, soul, as on we goAnnie S. Hawks (Author)3
Din, o Jesus kj'rAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Do everything for JesusMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)2
Good night, good night, it is morningMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)4
Hark, the voice of Jesus calling Calling from on highAnnie S. Hawks (Author)3
Harvest home, O hearMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)2
Have you no word for JesusAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
He needs meAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
He needs me every hour, My Savior KingMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)2
Hitherto the Lord has helped meAnnie S. Hawks (Author)3
Hour by hour the dawn approachesAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Hvar stund jag dig behoefverAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Hvem kommer n'st att foelja JesusAnnie S. Hawks (Author)3
I am saved, I am saved, Jesus bids me go freeMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)12
I am the Lord's and he is mine, O sacred groundAnnie S. Hawks (Author)4
I know that God is justAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
I love thee, O Lord, I believe in thy wordMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)5
I need Thee every hour, Most gracious LordAnnie S. Hawks (Author)792
Ich brauch' dich allezeitAnnie S. Hawks (Author)6
Ich brauch' dich jede Stund, Geliebter HerrAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Ich brauch' dich jede Stund, Hoechst teurer HerrAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
I'll take thy nameAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
It is all for the best, O my FatherMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)2
Jesus, Jesus, crown of our hopeAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Jesus, take my handAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Jesus, take my hand, and lead meAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Jesus, thou canst feed meAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Just over there they lieAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Lord, let me live for theeAnnie S. Hawks (Author)3
Mein Heiland, alle StundAnnie S. Hawks (Author)6
My soul is anchored safely, LordAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Nothing but the love of Jesus can supplyAnnie S. Hawks (Author)5
O brother, dear brother, stay with me tonightAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
O Lord, send a wave of salvationAnnie S. Hawks (Author)6
O Lord, 'tis not enoughAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
O my brother, are you wearyAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
O oe mau me a'uAnnie S. Hawkes, 1835-1918 (Author)3
O rouse ye, Christian womenAnnie S. Hawks (Author)3
O rouse ye, Christian workersAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
O ye who now would viewAnnie S. Hawks (Author)3
Ohn' dich, wie koennt' ich seinAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
One hour with thee, O dearest JesusAnnie S. Hawks (Author)4
Sing, my soul, the sweetest songMrs. Annie S. Hawkes (Author)3
Speak for Jesus, speak for JesusMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)5
There have been full many trialsMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)3
There is a land of welcomesAnnie S. Hawks (Author)3
There is one who watches o'er usMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)2
There is one who watches o'er youAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Thine, most gracious LordAnnie S. Hawks (Author)8
Var stund jag dig behoeverAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
V'r n'r mig hver en StundAnnie S. Hawks (Author)1
We thank thee for rest, O our FatherAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Whenever I go to JesusAnnie S. Hawks (Author)2
Who'll be the next to follow Jesus, who'll be the nextMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)45
Why weepest thou, Whom seekest thouMrs. Annie S. Hawks (Author)9
Yield, O yieldAnnie S. Hawks (Author)3