R. E. Hudson

R. E. Hudson
Short Name: R. E. Hudson
Full Name: Hudson, R. E. (Ralph E.), 1842-1901
Birth Year: 1843
Death Year: 1901

Ralph Erskine Hudson, 1843-1901

Born: Ju­ly 12, 1843, Na­po­le­on, Ohio.
Died: June 14, 1901, Cleve­land, Ohio.
Buried: Al­li­ance, Ohio.

Hudson’s par­ents, Hen­ry and Sar­ah Hud­son, moved to Penn­syl­van­ia when Ralph was a boy. Soon af­ter the out­break of the Amer­i­can ci­vil war, Ralph en­list­ed in the 10th Penn­syl­van­ia Vol­un­teers, and served over three years. Af­ter dis­charge from the ar­my, he be­came a suc­cess­ful mu­sic teach­er. From 1872-4, he was Pro­fes­sor of Vo­cal Mu­sic at Mount Un­ion Coll­ege, and for the next quar­ter cen­tu­ry lived in the Mt. Un­ion-Alliance, Ohio, area. For a while, he was in a real es­tate par­tner­ship with Rev. D. D. Waugh. How­ev­er, he was best known as a hymn writ­er and mu­sic publish­er, and for evan­gel­ism and tem­per­ance work. He was a lay preach­er and mem­ber of the Mt. Un­ion Meth­od­ist Epis­co­pal Church, and was one of the few sup­port­ers of the Sal­va­tion Ar­my when it strug­gled to gain a foot­hold in Al­li­ance in the mid-1880’s.

In 1897, Hud­son moved to Cleve­land, Ohio, where he con­tin­ued to pub­lish mu­sic, and to tra­vel as an evan­gel­ist and tem­per­ance work­er. In late May, 1901, he left Cleve­land for an ex­tens­ive trip to pro­mote his lat­est song­book. He stopped in Upland, In­di­a­na, to at­tend com­mence­ment ex­er­cis­es at Tay­lor Un­i­ver­si­ty, where he was a trust­ee. He stayed there sev­er­al days and de­li­vered a lecture. Short­ly after, he fell ill and died. At the time of his death, he was a mem­ber of the Lo­cal Preach­ers As­so­ci­a­tion, the Ep­worth Me­mor­i­al Church in Cleve­land, and the Pro­tect­ed Home Cir­cle.

Hudson’s works in­clude:
Salvation Echoes (Al­li­ance, Ohio: 1882)
Gems of Gos­pel Song for Sab­bath Schools and Gos­pel Meet­ings, 1884
Prohibition War Songs
Songs for the Home
Songs of Peace, Love and Joy (Al­li­ance, Ohio: 1885)
The Tem­per­ance Songs­ter, 1886
Songs of the Ran­somed, 1887
Glad Tid­ings in Song, 1893


Texts by R. E. Hudson (79)sort iconAsInstances
A little talk with Jesus, when tempted by the wayRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
Alas, and did my Savior bleedRalph E. Hudson (Author (refrain))277
All praise to him who reigns aboveRalph E. Hudson, 1843-1901 (Refrain Author)15
Am I a soldier of the crossRalph E. Hudson (Author)1
Are you ready for the Bridegroom when he comesR. E. Hudson (Author)57
Auwe! ua kahe wale a'eRalph Hudson (Refrain)2
Awake, awake, awake ye sons of freedom, harkRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
Bless the Lord, Bless the Lord, Bless the Lord, Bless the Lord. Amen! (Hudson)Ralph E. Hudson (Author)3
Christmas bells are ringing, merry bells, joyful bellsR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Come friends and listen to my songR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Come, O my God, the promise sealRalph E. Hudson (Author)1
Come, weary sinner, to the crossRalph E. Hudson (Author)10
Come, ye weary and oppressed, Jesus [now] is callingRalph E. Hudson (Author)14
Do you hear them coming, brother?Ralph E. Hudson (Author)5
Do you see that heppy pilgrim journeyR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Five of them were wise when the Bridegroom cameRalph E. Hudson (Author)8
Go and tell to every tribe and nationRalph E. Hudson (Author)2
Go forth, men of GodR. E. Hudson (Author)2
God be with you, so our loved ones prayRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
Hark, hark! son and daughterR. E. Hudson (Author)4
He is coming by and byR. E. Hudson (Author)2
He knows, he knows, he knows, he knows my frameR. E. Hudson (Author)2
I am trusting every momentR. E. Hudson (Author)2
I had a dream of long agoR. E. Hudson (Author)2
I heard a weeping mother sayRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
I know my sins are forgivenR. E. Hudson (Author)3
I see a mother waitingRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
I wandered in the wildernessRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
If trial and sorrowRalph E. Hudson (Author)2
Is it well with thy soulRalph E. Hudson (Author)2
I've reached the land of lightRalph E. Hudson (Author)2
Jesus bids the children comeR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Jesus is waiting, dear sinnerR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear meR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Jesus, thine all victorious loveRalph E. Hudson (Author)2
Ka Haku ku'u KahuRalph E. Hudson (Author)2
Kommt, ihr Seelen mued und mattRalph E. Hudson (Author)2
Last night there came a letterR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Lo the night of ease is pastRalph E. Hudson (Author)2
Look to Jesus, look to Jesus, look todayRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
Looking unto Jesus, He alone can saveRalph E. Hudson (Author)2
My life, my love I give to TheeRalph E. Hudson, 1843-1901 (Author)401
Nou ku'u aloha, nou a mauRalph E. Hudson, 1843-1901 (Author)2
O come and join our temperance bandRalph E. Hudson (Author)4
O hope of all the faithfulRalph E. Hudson (Author)2
O Lord, thine only will I beRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
O no, there's nothing more to [I] seekRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
O shout for joy, let songs ariseR. E. Hudson (Author)1
O 'twas love, 'twas wondrous loveRalph E. Hudson (Author)2
O come to me, said JesusR. E. Hudson (Arranger)1
O for a thousand tongues to sing My dear Redeemer's praiseR. E. H. (Author (refrain))118
O tell the story o'er and o'erR. E. Hudson (Author)7
Parents, won't you come alongRalph E. Hudson (Author)6
Peace, sweet peace, peace that passethR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Praise the Lord, Praise the LordR. E. Hudson (Author)3
Prodigal child come home come homeR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Prohibition is our watchwordR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Quando cego, eu andeiRalph E. Hudson (Author (refrain))2
Redeemed from the law I had brokenR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Seek not first for earthly treasureR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Sing of his love, his wonderful loveRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
Sing of His love, His wondrous loveR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Sinners, whither will [would] you wanderRalph E. Hudson (Author)4
Sins of years I come confessingRalph E. Hudson (Author)2
Soldiers of our God, ariseRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
The harvest is passing of blessings so freeR. E. Hudson (Author)2
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want; He maketh me down to lieR. E. Hudson (Author)27
The sweetest flower that ever grewRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
The way was dark before meRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
There is a land of pure delight, Where saints immortal reignR. E. Hudson (Arranger)1
There's a crown for every headRalph E. Hudson (Author)3
Tramp, tramp, tramp, hark, I hear the children callingR. E. Hudson (Author)2
We are out upon the oceanRalph E. Hudson (Author)4
We shall meet with the saints in the morningR. E. Hudson (Author)4
We're a prohibition bandR. E. Hudson (Author)1
What shall it profit me by and by? What shall it profit me thenRalph E. Hudson (Author)4
When old England held the swayR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Would you stand for Christ in the field for rightR. E. Hudson (Author)2
Yes, I will rejoice, rejoice in the LordRalph E. Hudson (Author)10