Henry Ostrom

Short Name: Henry Ostrom
Full Name: Ostrom, Henry
Death Year: 1941


George Walker Whitcomb

Texts by Henry Ostrom (19)sort iconAsInstances
Are we to go where Jesus leadsGeorge Walker Whitcomb (Author)3
Bless the lord, my soul, foreverRev. Henry Ostrom (Author)2
Durch das Werk auf GolgathaHenry Ostrom (Author)2
Hark, Jesus is callingHenry Ostrom (Author)2
Heirs of victory we areHenry Ostrom (Author)8
I am saved from my sinGeo. Walker Whitcomb (Author)1
I am saved from sin, I have peace withinGeorge Walker Whitcomb (Author)12
Jesus may come todayHenry Ostrom (Author)81
Love surpassing highest thoughtHenry Ostrom, D. D. (Author)2
Mid all the stalwart sons of menRev. H. Ostrom (Author (v. 4))2
O Sabbath, 'tis of thee Sweet day of liberty Henry Ostrom (Author)4
O Thou God of endless daysGeorge Walker Whitcomb (Author)3
O sweet the voices of the mornRev. Henry Ostrom (Author)4
O what a day is coming Swift over the hills of timeHenry Ostrom (Author)4
Sweet is my rest in the busy dayHenry Ostrom (Author)2
Tender mercy, holy balmHenry Ostrom (Author)3
Up and on the Savior urgesHenry Ostrom (Author)3
Why should my ceaseless toilingGeorge Walker Whitcomb (Author)2
You serve but one MasterHenry Ostrom (Author)4