Carolina Sandell

Carolina Sandell
Short Name: Carolina Sandell
Full Name: Sandell, Carolina, 1823-1903
Birth Year: 1823
Death Year: 1903

Lina Sandell (full name: Karolina Wilhelmina Sandell-Berg) (October 3, 1832 – July 27, 1903) was a Swedish writer of Gospel hymns.

Born Karolina Wilhelmina Sandell in a rectory at Fröderyd, Småland, Sweden. At the age of 26, she went with her father Jonas Sandell, a Lutheran pastor of the Lutheran church in Fröderyd on a boat trip across Lake Vättern to Göteborg, during which he fell overboard and drowned before her eyes. The tragedy affected Lina, inspiring her to write hymns. She wrote hymns and poured out her broken heart in an endless stream of beautiful songs.

The popularity of Lina Sandell’s hymns was due to the music written by Oskar Ahnfelt. Oskar Ahnfelt played his guitar and sang Lina's hymns throughout Scandinavia. She once said that Ahnfelt sang her songs "Into the hearts of the people". Even Jenny Lind, the world famous concert vocalist, visited factories and sang Lina's beautiful hymns.
“It was in the midst of the Rosenius movement that Lina Sandell became known to her countrymen as a great song-writer. …Rosenius and Ahnfelt encountered much persecution in their evangelical efforts. King Karl XV was petitioned to forbid Ahnfelt’s preaching and singing. The monarch refused until he had had an opportunity to hear the “spiritual troubadour.” Ahnfelt was commanded to appear at the 180 royal palace. Being considerably perturbed in mind as to what he should sing to the king, he besought Lina Sandell to write a hymn for the occasion. She was equal to the task and within a few days the song was ready. With his guitar under his arm and the hymn in his pocket, Ahnfelt repaired to the palace and sang:

Who is it that knocketh upon your heart’s door
In peaceful eve?
Who is it that brings to the wounded and sore
The balm that can heal and relieve?
Your heart is still restless, it findeth no peace
In earth’s pleasures;
Your soul is still yearning, it seeketh release
To rise to the heavenly treasures.

The king listened with tears in his eyes. When Ahnfelt had finished, the monarch gripped him by the hand and exclaimed: “You may sing as much as you like in both of my kingdoms!”

Mention has already been made of the hymns of Rosenius. These, like the songs of Lina Sandell, were likewise a powerful factor in the spread of the evangelical movement in Sweden.

Just as England had its Charlotte Elliott and Frances Havergal, and America had its Fanny Crosby, so Sweden had its Lina Sandell. Sandell is regarded as the Fanny Crosby of Sweden. Among her best known hymns are "Children of the Heavenly Father" and "Day by Day."

In 1867 Lina married C.O. Berg, a Stockholm Merchant, and thus became Lina Sandell-Berg. She continued to initial her hymns "L.S"..

Sandell wrote 650 hymns. She died July 27, 1903 in Stockholm, Sweden and is buried in Solna Kyrkogård (Solna Cemetery), Solna, Stockholmn Län, Sweden.

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Ack Herre Jesus, var oss n'raLina Sandell (Author)2
Alltid salig om ej alltid gladLina Sandell (Author)2
Bergen ma vika och hoegarne fallaLina Sandell (Author)4
Bevara mit hj'rta, O HerreKarolina Sandell-Berg (Author)3
Blott en dag, ett oegonblickLina Sandell (Author)4
Bred dina hulda vingarLina Sandell (Author)4
Children of the heavenly FatherCaroline V. Sandell Berg (Author)62
Day by day thy mercies, LordCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)5
Day by day thy mercies, Lord, attend meCarolina Sandell (Author)2
Day by day thy mercies, Lord, Attend (Ryden)Lina Sandell (Author)2
Day by day, and with each passing momentCarolina Sandell Berg, 1832-1903 (Author)31
Den Port er sn'ver, trang den StiCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)3
Den port 'r trang ochLina Sandell (Author)2
Den port 'r trang och smal den stigCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)4
Deus é nosso Pai amado que nos guarda em seu cuidadoCaroline Vihelmina Sandell-Berg (Author)2
Dia a dia passam-se os instantesCaroline Vilhelmina Sandell-Berg (Author)2
Du oemma FadershjertaCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Du oemma Fadershj'rtaCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)3
En liten stund med JesusCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)4
En liten tid och striden snart skall slutaCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Framaat i Jesu namn, tiden 'r kortLina Sandell (Author)5
Gif oss 'n en neadestundLina Sandell (Author)2
Give, O Lord, thy weary servantLina Sandell (Author)1
Give, O Lord, unto thy servantLina Sandell, 1832-1903 (Author)2
Great hills may tremble and mountains mayLina Sandell (Author)3
Guds Ord 'r det lefvande vattenCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)3
Guds rikes sommar, i ordet lofvadCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Hav tack, du k're HerreCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Hemma, hemma fa vi hvilaCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)3
Herre, foerdoelj ej ditt ansikte foer migCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Herre, jag beder, Fattig och hj'lploesCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Herre Jesus, n'r du sadeCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Herre, mitt hj'rta L'ngtarCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)6
Herre, samla oss nu alla kringCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)6
Herrens nad 'r hvar morgon nyCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Hide not thy face, O SaviorLina Sandell, 1832-1903 (Author)3
Hilltops may fall and the mountains be shakenCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)1
Hoegtid foer handen 'rLina Sandell (Author)2
Hos Gud 'r idel gl'djeCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)9
How blest is the soulCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
H'r samlas vi omkring ditt ordCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)5
Hur godt att ha et f'steCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Hvad 'r den kraft, hvad 'r den maktCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)3
Hvar 'r de kristnas fosterlandCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)4
I den ljusa morgonstundenCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)3
I Galileens skoena byggdCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
I with thee would beginLina Sandell, 1832-1903 (Author)4
In the springtime fair but mortalLina Sandell, 1832-1903 (Author)2
Jag är en gäst och främling Som mina fäder härCarolina Sandell (Author)2
Jag frågar ej, om du är enLina Sandell (Author)2
Jag har en trofast Fader, Som evigt älskar migLina Sandell (Author)2
Jag längtar till himlen från sorger och stridLina Sandell (Author)2
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou city ever blestLina Sandell (Author)7
Jesus foer v'rlden gifvit sitt lifCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)3
Jesus, goer mig ater stillaCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Jesus, goer mig liten, ringaCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Jesus, in stillness longing I waitCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Jesus, lät din rädda dufvaLina Sandell (Author)2
Jesus, lifvets k'llaCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Jesus som farit dit upp till Guds himmelCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Jesus, Thou my heart's delightLina Sandell (Author)1
Jesus, Thou my heart's desireLina Sandell (Author)2
Kan du gifva ditt hj'rtaCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)3
Kommen, tagen, 'ten, drickenCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)4
K're fader i det hoegaCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)5
Laat mig boerja med digCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Lef foer JesusCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Lef foer Jesus intet annatLina Sandell (Author)2
Lefver du det nya lifvetCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Lev foer JesusCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Med Jesus foerenad en gang genom tronCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Min enda fromhet infoer GudCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
More secure is no one everLina Sandell (Author)4
Naturen firar pingstCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Nearer yet, dear Master, unto theeCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Now before thee, Lord, we gatherCarolina Sandell (Author)5
O att den elden redan brunneCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
O Father, thy kingdom is come upon earthLina Sandell Berg (Author)3
O Jesus, ditt namn 'r ett f'ste i noedenCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
O Jesus, du, som lidit harCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Thou tender, gracious FatherLina Sandell (Author)8
Om han komme i dag, din Herre och GudCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Praise, my soul, the Lord in gloryCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Pris Gud, all godhets källa vidCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)4
Pris vare dig o Jesus huldCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
'r det sant, att Jesus 'r min broderLina Sandell (Author)2
Samla dem allaCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)3
Solen saallar sitt guld genom blaanande skyCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Stor och h'rlig varden dagenCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Strait [straight] is the gate to heaven aboveLina Sandell (Author)4
Strait is the gate to all that comeCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)9
Surely no one can be saferLina Sandell (Author)2
The numberless gifts of God's merciesCarolina Sandell Berg (Author)2
Thy holy wings, dear SaviorCarolina Sandell-Berg, 1832-1903 (Author (st. 1, 3))11
Tiden ilar bort, och vart lif 'r kortCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)3
Till verksamhet för Kristi skullCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)6
Tillkomme ditt rikeCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
T'nk, n'r en gang allt moerker harCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Tryggare kan ingen varaLina Sandell (Author)14
Ungdom som gaar ut i v'rldenCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Upp, min sj'l, att Herren lofvaCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)3
Uppstandelsens och varens hoegtidCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Vak upp, vak upp, hoer paCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Vill du ga med till himlenCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
V'lsignad, min trofaste HerreCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Who have found so safe a stationCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2
Yngling, som gar ut i v'rldenCarolina V. S. Berg (Author)2

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