John Ylvisaker

John Ylvisaker
Short Name: John Ylvisaker
Full Name: Ylvisaker, John, 1937-
Birth Year: 1937

John Carl Ylvisaker (liturgical songwriter, recording artist,composer, performer, ethnomusicologist) is perhaps best known for his hymn, “I Was There To Hear Your Borning Cry” He was born in Moorhead, Minnesota and is a graduate of Concordia College located there. During the last 45 years John’s words and music have been a powerful influence on the development of new worship materials for the church, with his compositions appearing in hundreds of worship resources.

In addition to being an artist and composer, John’s past experience includes teaching high school music, directing church choirs, and serving as the producer of SCAN, an award-winning weekly radio program sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). John also has composed much of the original music for Lutheran Vespers radio broadcasts and ELCA videos, as well as theme songs for gatherings and events.

John continues to inspire audiences with his live performances and worship leadership at the many assemblies, conferences, and gatherings where he appears. Currently he is involved in producing printed and recorded resources of his work. His copyrights cover more than 1,000 songs.

Texts by John Ylvisaker (38)sort iconAsInstances
[A Centurion From Capernaum]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
[A Party For John]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
A woman of Samaria came to where the well of Jacob liesJohn Ylvisaker (Adapter & Author)2
[Another Mile]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
[Build By Faith]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
By the waters of Babylon (Ylvisaker)John Ylvisaker (Author)2
Foolish man builds on the sinking sandJohn C. Ylvisaker (Adapter)2
Friends of the covenant renewed each mornJohn Ylvisaker (Author)2
[God's Gonna Trouble the Water]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
I was there to hear your borning cryJohn Ylvisaker, b. 1937 (Author)12
Incidental words are a powerful forceJohn Ylvisaker (Adapter)2
John saw the number of all those redeemed (Juan vió el número, de los redimidos)John Ylvisaker, b. 1937 (Author (sts. 2-3))1
[Keep on Keepin' On]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
Law kills, the spirit gives life!John C. Ylvisaker (Adapter)2
[Matthew, Matthew]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
[O Jerusalem, Enchanter]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
One day to the LordJohn Ylvisaker (Author)2
One day when the sons of ZebedeeJohn C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
People who walk in darkness have soughtJohn C. Ylvisaker, b. 1937 (Author)2
[Po' Man Laz'rus]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
Praise to God in heav'n above, Alleluia!John Ylvisaker (Paraphraser)1
Saint Stephen was commissioned John C. Ylvisaker (Adapter)2
[Son of Joseph]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
[The City of the Living God]John C. Yvlisaker (Author)2
[The Clever Accountant]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
[The Evening Is Here]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
The night was dark and filled with gloom. (Come and see!)John Ylvisaker (Author)3
The true light that enlightens manJohn Ylvisaker (Author)4
[This Has Been a Test]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
[To Him Who by the Pow'r]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
[Two By Two]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
[Two Little Fishes] (Ylvisaker)John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
We were baptized in Christ JesusJohn Ylvisaker, b. 1937 (Author)6
We'll present our bodies a living sacrificeJohn Ylvisaker (Author)2
Well, the Lord gave a party and invited the neighborsJohn C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
[When the End is Drawing Near]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
[Where Your Treasure Is]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
[You Can Tell the World]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)2

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