To my just plea, and sad complaint (Tate and Brady)

To my just plea, and sad complaint (Tate and Brady)

Published in 4 hymnals

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1 To my just Plea, and sad Complaint,
attend, O righteous Lord,
And to my Pray'r, as 'tis unfeign'd,
a gracious Ear afford.
2 As in thy Sight I am approv'd,
so let my Sentence be;
And with impartial Eyes, O Lord,
my upright Dealing see.

3 For thou hast search'd my Heart by Day,
and visited by Night;
And, on the strictest Trial found
its secret Motions right.
Nor shall thy Justice, Lord alone
my Heart's Designs acquit;
For I have purpos'd, that my Tongue
shall no Offence commit.

4 I know what wicked Men would do,
their Safety to maintain;
But me thy just and mild Commands
from bloody Paths restrain.
5 That I may still, in spite of Wrongs,
my Innocence secure,
O, guide me in thy righteous Ways,
and make my Footsteps sure.

6 Since heretofore I ne'er in vain
to Thee my Pray'r address'd;
O! now, my God, incline thine Ear
to this my just Request.
The Wonders of thy Truth and Love
in my Defence engage,
Thou whose Right-hand preserves thy Saints
from their Oppressors Rage.

Part II

8.9 O! keep me in thy tend'rest Care;
Thy sheltring Wings stretch out,
To guard me safe from savage Foes,
that compass me about;
10 O'ergrown with Luxury, inclos'd
in their own Fat they lie;
And with a proud blaspheming Mouth
both God and Man defie.

11 Well may they boast; for they have now
my Paths encompass'd round;
Their Eyes at watch, their Bodies bow'd
and couching on the Ground.
12 In Posture of a Loin set,
when greedy of his Prey;
Or a young Lion, when he lurks
within a covert Way.

13 Arise, O Lord, defeat their Plots,
their swelling Rage controul:
From wicked Men, who are thy Sword,
deliver thou my Soul:
14 From worldly Men, thy sharpest Scourge,
whose Portion's here below;
Who fill'd with earthly Stores, aspire
no other Bliss to know.

15 Their Race is num'rous, that partake
their Substance while they live;
Their Heirs survive, to whom they may
the vast Remainder give.
16 But I, in Uprightness, thy Face
shall view without Controul;
And, waking, shall its Image find
reflected in my Soul.

Source: A New Version of the Psalms of David: fitted to the Tunes used in Churches #XVII

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First Line: To my just plea, and sad complaint (Tate and Brady)
Source: Tate and Brady
Language: English
Copyright: Public Domain