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A sinner saved by grace I am
I'm singing, singing all day long »
A sinner saved only by grace
Nothing had I to commend me »
A smile upon those ruby lips
She used to wear it here »
A soft wind whispered
I wandered just at even »
A soldier, a soldier, though light
I'm just a little soldier »
A soldier for Christ I would be
O count me out of the evil »
A song, a song for water fair
A song, a song for water bright »
A song, I'm singing
There's a song within my heart »
A song in honor to thy name
Dear Lord, in honor to thy name »
A song in my heart
His banner of love is over me »
A song of gladness in my heart
Since I gave myself to Jesus, since his call I did »
A song of hope, a song of joy
Sing a song of joy and gladness »
A song of joy divine
All hail to thee, O happy day »
A song of love welling up
All my journey along »
All my journey along I am »
A song of redemption I'll sing
There's a song which I love to be singing »
A song of rejoicing is mine
A song of rejoicing is thrilling my soul »
A song of salvation I'm singing
There's wonderful joy in my heart »
A song of the blossoms bright
We join our glad exultant voices »
A soul winner for Jesus
I want to be a soul winner »
A sovereign balm for ev'ry wound
To thee, O Lord, my cries ascend »
A spur to professors
Luke warm souls the foe grows stronger »
A stalwart form appearing
The war cry is sounding »
A starless crown in glory
O shall I go to heaven »
A starless crown, no diadem
When I stand at last in the golden light »
A starless crown when life is done
There is a land mine eyes shall see »
A starry crown
There is naught that earth can give »
A Stranger cut the rope
One day, a wayward boy, I strayed away from home »
A stranger no more is He
A stranger I met on life's high »
A sun and shield forever is God
Lord God of hosts, in mercy My supplication hear »
A sunbeam, a sunbeam
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam »
A sunbeam in my soul
The love of Christ my Savior »
A Sunday School band
Come, let us be marching »
A sunny faced Christian I'll be
A stormy cloud o'er me »
A stormy sky o'er me »
A sunny land beyond death's dark river
There is a land beyond this life's ocean »
A sunset nearer every night
We're just a sunset nearer »
A sure defense, knowing no change
O thou who art the same through endless ages »
A sweet companionship is this to know and share
Take Jesus with you, along the way »
A sweet new hope
There's a bright new hope in my heart »
A tent or a cottage
In that beautiful home in the land of the blest »
A thankful song
When skies are blue and wind »
A thousand faults redeeming
Before all places, east or west »
A thousand million souls are dying
Have you heard the sobbing of a thousand million souls »
A thousand, thousand thanksgivings
Thou Life of my life, blessed Jesus »
A thousand years
Lift up your eyes, desponding freeman »
A thousand years, a thousand years
O hasten thou bright morning »
A thousand years, children of Zion
Lift up your heads, ye heirs of glory »
A thousand years, my own beloved
Lift up your head, desponding Christian »
A thousand years, my own Columbia
Temperance men, go raise your standard »

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