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Jesus, lover of my soul
Watchman, tell us of the night
Savior, when in dust to Thee
Wind who makes all winds that blow
Man of Sorrows, wrapt in grief
How I love you, LORD, my God
Source and Sovereign, Rock and Cloud
Wild and lone the prophet's voice
Sinners, turn! why will you die
Yma'n griddfan ar y llawr
God, how can we comprehend
Holy Spirit, Lord of love
O Jehovah, hear my words
God be merciful to me
Jésus, ô nom qui surpasse
Lord, to thee alone we turn
Blest are God's peacemaking ones, Sent to work in countless ways--
Come, ye weary sinners, come
"Bigger barns are what I need," so a rich man said one day
Meu divino Protetor, quero em ti me refugiar
Jesus, sailing on the sea
God, I call to you for help; in your mercy hear my prayer
Soaring Spirit, set us free
Holy, holy, holy Lord
Jesus, Lord, we look to thee
Our God loves us, for He gave
People are more than the worst they've done
Body broken for our good
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