Vengo a ti, Jesús amado (Soul, Adorn Yourself with Gladness)

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A Prayer to Bless Jesus Christ
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, we bless you for your unfailing love. You have moved us from shadows into light. You have scattered our sorrows and gathered our joys at your banquet of abundance. Your body is for us, your blood for us, your riches for us, your very self is given for us. You have given all from the deep reservoir of your unfailing love. So we bless and adore you. Amen.
— Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.

Tune Information

a minor or modal
Meter refrain 3.11.11

Musical Suggestion

The melody is presented only with guitar chords, which in this collection follow the more common pattern in South America of using the “do re mi” system; the first chord “la m” stands for A minor. In this case, the melody is very accessible rhythmically. Take a very relaxed tempo to allow time for the many words of this rich text time to sink in; feel a gentle lilting 3/4-pattern of a Latino dance, but with a ritard at the end of the second line, and especially before moving into the refrain. Guitars (classical rather than steel string) and/or keyboard could be sufficient, but also consider adding castanets and shakers.
During a communion service, have soloists or choir introduce this song in English, or if possible, in the beautiful Spanish, and after one or two stanzas, invite the congregation to join on the refrain.
I always stand amazed at the communion of the saints that is celebrated whenever we sing hymns that unite voices from different times and places and languages in praise to God.
(from Reformed Worship, Issue 66)
— Emily Brink
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